Shockwave Response

To Problems with Their Daily Jigsaw in AOL

The following email is's response to a problem report that their daily jigsaw no longer works in AOL.

Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 23:10:36 GMT
Subject: Re: Shockwave Site Help [T200305010033]
To: [Dotty Storer]


This problem sounds like it can be solved by using a different browser. The AOL and CompuServe browsers can sometimes cause problems while viewing and/or downloading and content.

- Some users have experienced "I/O Errors" or "file corruptions" after downloading our content through the AOL browser. They have also reported difficulty getting our online content to load completely when using the AOL browser. We suspect that this stems from AOL's conversion of standard, Web-format files into AOL-only formats.
- Users of CompuServe 2000 have reported the same error messages as are caused by AOL. This non-supported browser also corrupts the installer file by converting it.
- Users of Internet Explorer 6 have also reported difficulties in viewing or downloading our content. This version of Internet Explorer does not support the latest versions of Java, and has trouble with traditional plug-in structure.

In general, we recommend using Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape for best results. Internet Explorer 6 can also be used if you install the most current suitable Shockwave Player and Flash Player plugins. Browsers such as Mozilla, iCab, Opera, or other browsers are not supported on this site.

**Whichever browser you choose, you will need to have Java enabled in your browser's preferences.
**Also make sure cookies are enabled.

You will also need the Macromedia Flash and Shockwave Player plug-ins installed. If you need either plug-in, you can get them free from Macromedia's Downloads page:

AtomShockwave Customer Support