Flash Jigsaw Puzzle from Sitepoint

To install this jigsaw puzzle, copy the source of this webpage onto your computer, download the zip file from Sitepoint and unzip the contents into the same folder/directory as this file. When uploading the puzzle to your website you need the 3 swf files from the zip file and an html page similiar to this one.

Read the article at Build A Video Jigsaw Puzzle in Flash to understand how the puzzle was created. The zip file contains source files for the puzzle and you can alter them if you have Flash Professional installed on your computer. (A free trial is available.)

This webpage was created by Dotty Storer to illustrate how to display the Sitepoint Jigsaw Puzzle in a browser. See comments in the html source for changing the size of the puzzle and the color of it's background. See my review of the Flash Jigsaw Puzzle from Sitepoint.