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Steve White's Java Applet

You need a Java enabled browser to play the puzzle. If your browser does not support Java (that is, if you don't see a puzzle between here and the playing instructions), then see Browser section in Site Help . See playing instructions below. You may play Steve's puzzles or download the Java applet at Steve's Games. Play more online jigsaw puzzles at Dotty's Online Jigsaws . Also visit Dotty's Jigsaw Puzzles for reviews of an extensive list of online, freeware and shareware jigsaw puzzles.

The jigsaw will start with the picture broken up into pieces. If the mouse is moved over a piece, a highlight should be seen. It is then possible to move the piece by pressing the left mouse button and holding it down while "dragging" the selected piece.

If pieces can be rotated (see the "CanRotate" option) the selected piece can be rotated by clicking the right mouse button (Note that this is not a true rotation, but a flip and mirror sequence 1,2,3,4)

If the "KeepBoardClear" option is set. Pieces that are NOT placed fully inside the picture building area can be shuffled around by clicking on the "Tidy" button. This makes it easier to "Sort" through playing pieces that are not placed inside the building area.

The "Breakup" button does exactly that and scatters the puzzle pieces.
The "solve" button can be used to solve the puzzle.

When the puzzle is correctly solved, a message will appear on the top line. If this does not appear and the puzzle "seems" to be solved, it is usually because a piece is in the wrong place or is rotated into the wrong position. Another cause is that the background color has been set to black and the text colour has not been changed (or the colours have been set to similar values).

With the "LosePieces" switched on (=true), it is possible to "lose" pieces under other jigsaw pieces (just like real life eh?). If this happens you should move the visible pieces one at a time to try and find the lost piece.

Each time the jigsaw applet is started (not when you use the breakup button) the jigsaw will be cut up randomly. This means that the pieces may be cut differently each time.

Yes, that's Steve White in the picture.

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