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Pritam Dahake's Java Applet

You need a Java enabled browser to play the puzzle. If your browser does not support Java (that is, if you don't see a puzzle between here and the playing instructions), then see below and Browser section in Viewing Dotty's Pages . See playing instructions below. Play more online jigsaw puzzles at Dotty's Online Jigsaws . Also visit Jigsaw Puzzles for reviews of an extensive list of online, freeware and shareware jigsaw puzzles.

The photograph was taken by Michael Myers. His photos can be viewed at Michael's Photo Gallery .


Solve this puzzle by rearranging the pieces in a frame. If you see the puzzle board, but no puzzle picture, press Reset. Be patient both Rest and Start take awhile and do not appear to be doing anything at first.

Press Start to shuffle the pieces. To swap piece postions, left click on the two pieces to be swapped. The first piece clicked will be outlined in red to show that it has been selected. If you click only one piece and decide not to move it, click it again to unselect it.

Do not scroll the page or swap to another window because the picture will no longer display. If this does happen, press Start, which will shuffle the pieces again, or Reset, which displays the picture correctly arranged.

The 'Tries' counter does not appear to be working.

This puzzle does not work with some browsers even though they support Java. If you see a Start button, but no puzzle pieces, try pressing the Start button or clicking inside the large rectangle. Michael Myers (Michael's Photo Gallery ) tells me that it doesn't work in either Netscape or Internet Explorer for the Macintosh and I could not get it to work with AOL.

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