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JigCard Gallery
- Dotty's photo gallery. Free daily jigsaw and eCards. Members can play jigsaws with over 3000 pictures.

Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews

Virtual jigsaws are jigsaw puzzles played on a computer. They can be played online or obtained by download or CD and played offline. These pages provide reviews of virtual jigsaw puzzles, some jigsaw puzzles to play online or download and links to daily jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw Reviews - Over 100 reviews of virtual jigsaw puzzles makes this the largest jigsaw review website on the internet. Links to Daily and Weekly Jigsaws - New pictures appear daily/weekly for the puzzles at these sites.
Jigsaw Comparison Chart - Use this chart in conjunction with the jigsaw reviews. It further describes the highlighted reviews. Dotty's Online Jigsaws - Do jigsaw puzzles online using a variety of styles. The pictures for the puzzles in Daily and Weekly Jigsaws are constantly changing.
Ideal Puzzle Traits - Characteristics to help you choose a puzzle. Dotty's Jigsaw Downloads - Download and play sample puzzles on your own computer.
Links to Jigsaws for your Own Site - Reviews of jigsaws to install on your own web site, most with your own pictures. Free pictures - Links to picture galleries for making your own jigsaws with puzzles that allow using your own pictures.
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News - Latest major changes and archive of old news.
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Jigsaw Puzzle Tips from Jigsaw Jungle - Many of these tips from Jigsaw Jungle for doing real jigsaws apply to virtual jigsaws too.

I have gone to your puzzle site daily for the last three years and I enjoy it immensely. Your puzzle site is the best!
- Barbara Denniston, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

Congratulations on a most comprenhensive website certainly the best I have seen by far and most instructive to us puzzlers.
- Frank Bradley, Stourport, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

You can't imagine how much I enjoy the puzzles on your site. Only problem is, I'm doing puzzles instead of stuff I should be doing! ... I particularly like the ones that are all black and change to color or that are negatives. - MaryAnn Shell, Atlanta, GA, USA

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