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JigCard Gallery
- Dotty's photo gallery. Free daily jigsaw and eCards. Members can play jigsaws with over 3000 pictures.

Links to Jigsaws for your Own Web Site

"I was very lucky to have found your website. I've been searching for 6 hours trying to find puzzles to place on my non-commercial website. You are WONDERFUL . Your website gave me all the information I need to find appropriate puzzles. A MILLION thanks!" Cara (Puzzles coming soon at this site.)

Many jigsaw puzzle engines are available for use on your own website. Links open in a new window so you can easily return to this list.

All images for virtual jigsaw puzzles should be reduced to 72dpi and compressed to reduce the size of the file. I use a quality of 75% for jpg files.

Be careful to use only pictures that you have the legal right to use. If you have created a picture of a recognizeable person, you must have their permission to use their picture on your website. If the picture was obtained elsewhere you must have permission of the copyright owner to use it on your site. See for "Legal Information for Internet Professionals."

  1. AsObject Jigsaw Puzzle - Classic Flash jigsaw puzzle. See my review of EDesign.

  2. Eder PHP/Javascript Jigsaw Puzzle Generator - Free javascript and php classic jigsaw. See my review of EDesign.

  3. EPuzzle Free Jigsaw Puzzle Game - Free mosaic style jigsaw puzzles using some of their pictures. See my review of EPuzzle.

  4. Google Gadgets - This is an easy way to add one or more jigsaws to your website. The gadgets create jigsaw puzzles from various websites. To preview a gadget click the Add to your webpage button. Some create the puzzle on your webpage and others link to the provider's site. Each gadget includes a button to add it to the Google Personalized homepage.

  5. icaPuz - This java applet creates a frame style jigsaw with unique piece shapes using your own pictures. Four versions are available with cost ranging from free to $29.95. No prior preprocessing is required for each picture, so this applet is ideal for sites with a large number of pictures. No external link is required so it can be used on websites that cannot use external links (eg. free Yahoo websites). Two daily jigsaws are also available free. I've implemented icaPuz at my photography gallery, JigCard Gallery and the icaPuz daily jigsaws at Dotty's Online Jigsaws. See my review of icaPuz jigsaws.

  6. Jigidi - Create Flash puzzles with your own pictures for displaying on your site. See my review of Jigidi.

  7. Jigsaw Mania - Create puzzles for downloading from your site with any version of Jigsaw Mania. Use the Pro version if the puzzles are to be sold. See my review of Jigsaw Mania.

  8. JigCard Gallery - A free online daily jigsaw service from my other jigsaw site uses the icaPuz applet. You can display the daily picture on your site and link to the puzzle at JigCard Gallery or link to the puzzle on your own webpage. (An external link is required to display the puzzle on your own webpage.) I've implemented the service at Dotty's Online Jigsaws: Daily JigCard Puzzle. See my review of icaPuz jigsaws.

  9. Jigsaw Planet - Tibo now has an online version of their famous Flash puzzle at a new website. You can add puzzles to your website from their gallery of pictures or use your own pictures. Puzzles are hosted on their site, but can return to your site when the Exit button is clicked. There is no indication how long puzzles you create are saved - and they do get deleted. I've implemented this puzzle at Dotty's Online Jigsaws. See my review of Tibo jigsaws and the Tibo entry on this page.

  10. JigZone - The most popular jigsaw for implementing at your own site uses your pictures and creates a jigsaw with joined pieces using a java applet. You must become a member to create your own jigsaws, but membership is free. Pictures must be .jpg or .jpeg file type. Image size 400x300 and file size 20K or less is recommended for best results. Each picture must be uploaded to JigZone. An external reference is required, which means JigZone cannot be implemented on free Yahoo web sites, but you could link to your JigZone Gallery instead. See my review of Jigzone jigsaw puzzles.

  11. JMaker Drag Puzzle - Frame style jigsaw puzzle applet. Free or $6 registration without source. Source and resell licenses also available. You can also purchase Drag Puzzle as part of a package with other games for your website. See my review of JMaker.

  12. JS Games - Mosaic style puzzle uses Javascript and requires Internet Explorer 5 or higher. It's not very friendly to require Internet Explorer. The game is provided as open source. A webdeveloper knowledgeable in Javascript might be able to convert it to support other browsers. See my review of JSGames.

  13. KwikGames Jigsaw - Flash frame style puzzle with 30 pieces and a picture of beads. You cannot change the picture or the number of pieces. Download the zip file for the jigsaw. The instructions for adding it to your site are in the source of the html file in the zip file. I have implemented this puzzle at Dotty's KwikGame Jigsaw. See my review of KwikGames Jigsaw.

  14. Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles - High quality puzzles to download from your site. You must purchase the software to be able to create your own puzzles. With version 2.03 (October 2003), your visitors may play your puzzles with up to 35 pieces with the free version of Living Scenes (even after the 30 days expire) or with an unlimited number of pieces if they have purchased the full version of the software. See my review of Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles.

  15. Playtonium - There are two ways to place this jigsaw on your site.
    • Create a jigsaw puzzle with Jigsaw Creator, send the puzzle to yourself and place the link enclosed in the email on your website. The puzzle will be available for 30 days. This is great for a weekly puzzle with 3 prior week's puzzles also available.
    • You can license this Shockwave jigsaw puzzle with joining and optional rotation. Email Adveractive, as described on the site, for prices. You can provide pictures for the puzzle, use their pictures for the daily puzzle or use your own pictures for a daily puzzle. I've implemented the daily puzzle with their pictures at Dotty's Daily Platonium
    See my review of Playtonium jigsaw puzzles.

  16. Puzzlet Factory - You can implement a Flash jigsaw with your picture, a daily picture or any picture on their site. This is a traditional jigsaw with joined pieces. You can specify whether some pieces will be upside down and whether to use rotation. Use of Puzzlet Factory is free for non-commercial sites. The site is available in English, French or Spanish - click on the flag at the top of the page to change to the desired language, but the page for putting the puzzle on your website is only available in French.

    Many of the pages on the English version of the site are still in French. Try using this English version of the instructions for adding jigsaws to your website.

    If you encounter problems with the English version of the site, try the French site. See my review of Puzzlet Factory.

  17. PuzzleMak - Shareware mosaic style jigsaw puzzle. See my review of PuzzleMak.

  18. PuzzleWarehouse - Add their daily jigsaw to your website by copying the suggested code. I've implemented this at Daily and Weekly Jigsaws. See my review of PuzzleWarehouse.

  19. Randy Reichle's Animated Jigsaw Puzzle - The source code is available for an online jigsaw puzzle that becomes animated when it is solved. See my review of Randy Reichle's Animated Jigsaw Puzzle.

  20. Rumkin - Frame style jigsaw puzzle. See my review of Rumkin.

  21. Scrambler - Mosaic sytle jigsaw puzzle java applet. The picture must be 400x270 pixels. See my review of Scrambler.

  22. Sitepoint Flash Jigsaw Puzzle - Article about adding a Flash jigsaw puzzle to your website. See my review of Sitepoint for my comments and instructions for implementing this puzzle.

  23. Some Frogs - The Jigsaw Puzzle Component for Flash MX is available in freeware or paid ($48) versions.

  24. Steve White - Steve's popular frame style java applet has 3 versions. No external links are needed. I've implemented Steve's jigsaw at Dotty's Online Jigsaws. See my review of Steve White's jigsaws.

  25. Tibo Jigs@w - Create jigsaw puzzles for downloading from your website with the free Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator. The puzzles have joining and can use your own pictures. Each picture must be processed separately. Put the created puzzle in a zip file if your web host does not allow .exe files. No external links are needed, just upload the puzzle (or zipped puzzle) and add a link to it. Windows 95 or later Windows operating system is required to create and run the puzzles. I've implemented Tibo Jigs@w at Dotty's Jigsaw Downloads. (There's also an online version of this puzzle for your website. See the Jigsaw Planet entry on this page.) See my review of Tibo Jigs@w.

  26. Web Reference - Frame style jigsaw using dhtml. Change the name of the jpg files to change the pictures available. Works with Internet Explorer v. 4.0 or Navigator v 4, but not later versions, so you'll need to know dhtml to make programing changes to support these browsers. See my review of Web Reference.

  27. WorldWinner - A competitive online classic style jigsaw puzzle with rotation is included in World Winner's affiliate program. You may co-brand the site by using html frames. I've implemented World Winner games at JigCard Gallery Games. See my review of World Winner.

  28. Wouter Wijtenburg - Online frame style puzzle without rotation is free for non-commercial use. This is a java applet with no external links. I've implemented this puzzle at Dotty's Online Jigsaws. There's also a contest edition with high scores using cgi available by emailing the author. This puzzle can crash Firefox and has problems in Internet Explorer. I recommend not using this puzzle. See my review of Wouter Wijtenburg.

  29. Yavsoft - Three different programs from Yavsoft create jigsaw puzzles for your website. One creates stand alone puzzles in exe files to be downloaded. Two versions create Flash jigsaw puzzles for online play, one of which can be used for a gallery of puzzles with a database. All support moving pictures with the puzzle. See my review of Yavsoft.

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