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Jigs@w Tips by Jimi

The following was first published at Jigs@w Puzzle Fans eGroup and is used with permission of the author. Also see my review of Tibo Jigs@w Puzzle.

Making your Jigs@w Puzzle into an .exe file which you can send to friends

Perhaps one of the nicest features of Tibo Software's Jigs@w Puzzle program is the fact that it allows you to create puzzles which you can share with friends and family. Even those who do not have the program can still receive and enjoy your puzzles.

Now you can email your online friends a holiday greeting in the form of a jigsaw puzzle rather than just sending them a plain old e-card. Something like that will certainly stand out and not soon be forgotten.

Within this tutorial I will show you how you can create a self working puzzle which can be shared with friends and family who do not have the Tibo Jigs@w Puzzle program, as well as those who do.

The first thing we'll want to do is select one of our puzzles which we would like make into a self extracting file (.exe file)


For this tutorial I will use this puzzle, a group of strawberries. Notice that when you select (click once on) the puzzle it becomes highlighted with a yellow border.

Now that we have our puzzle selected we can click the "Mail Gift" button.

mail gift

Once you click the "Mail Gift" button you'll now see that a new box has popped up.


This is an important step in our process. Notice what the message says ..
"Some puzzles have more than 25 pieces. To play these puzzles your friends must have the regestered version. Continue?"
Below this you have the option to reject greater than 25 piece puzzles. Notice that red dot in the picture. This indicates that we want to reject puzzles which are greater than 25 pieces. Well since we have selected a puzzle which contains more than 25 pieces (strawberries which has 108 pieces) we will have to do do one of two things.

  • #1: We could modify our puzzle so that it has 25 or less pieces. By doing this we could send our puzzle to our frineds who do not have the Jigs@w Puzzle program.
  • #2: Unselect the "Reject greater than 25 piece puzzles" option. If we select this option we would only be able to send the puzzle to friends who already have the regestered version of Jigs@w Puzzle.

Ok, so lets say we want to send this to someone who does not have the program. First we'll need to modify our puzzle so it has 25 or fewer pieces, or select one that already fits that description.


Here I have simply modified our strawberry puzzle. To modify a puzzle simply select it, click "Modify" and you'll be taken into the Modify Room. Make the needed changes to your puzzle and save it.

Now that our puzzle has been modified we can prepare it to be sent to our friends. Click on the "Mail Gift" button again.

mail gift

This time the "Mail Gift" box will pop up.

mail gift box

Where it says Name you can type in the name of your puzzle. You can also add an introduction message here if you like. Notice the "Set all puzzles as surprise" option. If selected our puzzle will be sent as a surprise. This means that our friends will not see a small preview image of the puzzle, or will not be able to look at a picture of it while putting the puzzle together. The "Ghost" feature will also be disabled, so they will have no idea what the image is until they have completed the puzzle. Instead of seeing a small image of the puzzle before opening it, your friends will see a small blue gift box. I don't suggest sending large or difficult puzzles as gifts, unless of course you enjoy tormenting your friends.

Now we get ready to send our new puzzle to our friend(s). If your email client supports MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) you can email your puzzle directly from the game. But don't worry if it doesn't or if you're not sure. You can always send it the other way. Click on "Save As" and save your gift to your coumpter. I usually save mine right on the desktop so it's easy to find. Next you can email your friend and attach the puzzle. It's that easy ! Your friends without the full regestered version of Jigs@w Puzzle can now enjoy working on your puzzles. They will automatically receive a free 30 day trial and have the option to purchase the full version. Who knows, maybe they'll be emailing you puzzles soon after!

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