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- Dotty's photo gallery. Free daily jigsaw and eCards. Members can play jigsaws with over 3000 pictures.

Jigsaw Reviews:

Links to Jigsaws in Other Languages

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Jigsaws in Other Languages

  1. 3FingersUp - Romanian site with downloadable jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle can also be downloaded from

  2. Amagaeru - Japanese site using Kiama applet. See my review of Kiama Jigsaw.

  3. Le Puzzle - See review of for a review of the English version of this French site.

  4. Neon - Japanese site has frame style puzzles. Click the button at the upper left to scatter pieces. Select a picture to the right to change the picture.

  5. NettForlaget - One daily jigsaw with joining and rotation at this Norwegian site. See my review of Chris Goringe's jigsaws.

  6. Out to Africa - JigZone puzzles use photos from their African adventures at this Dutch site. The site is also available in English. See my review of JigZone.

  7. Passion Puzzles - 24 casse-tÍte (puzzles) quotidens utilisant l'applet Java Kiama Jigsaw sont offerts sur ce site canadien-franÁais. Lisez ma critique des casse-tÍte Kiama. 24 daily puzzles using Java Kiama Jigsaw Puzzle are available on this French Canadian website. See my review of Kiama puzzles. This site was formerly called Puzzles du Canada.

  8. Prisma Loisirs - French-Canadian site. A variety of jigsaw puzzle software are represented here. For the different puzzle styles, use the menu at the upper left of the homepage.

  9. Pchan - Japanese site. The first two links on the list are jigsaw puzzles. The first is a java applet with numerous pictures. The applet was created by Kiama Software, creators of the jigsaw puzzle used by Jigzone. The second link is to a dhtml puzzle that works only in Internet Explorer. See my review of Jigzone.

  10. Puzzlet Factory - This site is available in French, English or Spanish. See my review of Puzzlet Factory.

  11. Puzmo - Turkish site has large gallery of puzzles and some electronic greeting card puzzles.

  12. WebPuzzle - German site with frame style puzzles. See my review of WebPuzzle.

  13. Weltchronik - German site from the makers of icaPuz. See my review of icaPuz.

There are many free resources for translation online. My favorite is the Google Toolbar for Firefox. The Google Toolbar for IE is also available.

Try Altavista Babel Fish or to translate or use the translation box below (not all languages available). All links to translators and puzzles on this page will open in a new window, so you can easily refer to the puzzle list and translation box.

When using this translation box, remember to specify the language each time. Use your browser back button to return to this page from the translated page. Each page must be done separately.

Reviews Introduction A-B C-I J K-O P Q-S T-Z
Jigsaws in Other Languages

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